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Scouts Battalion in leading position after two days of Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge

EDL district of Tartu team
Photo: Maret Kommer
Scouts Battalion I team is currently leading Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge which takes place from 2nd to 6th August in Rapla county. EDL district of Tartu is on 2nd and EDL district of Järva on 3rd place.
The best foreign team is Danish Homeguard Team HDNSJ on 4th place and best female team is from Women`s voluntary defence organization on 12th place.

25 teams from Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Finland, USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark and Lithuania started on 2nd August from Varbola hill fort. For now the teams have completed checkpoints Bravo (knowledge of military weapons and equipment), Charlie (combat engineer’s assignment), Delta (mailbox), Echo (automatic rifle) and Foxtrot (pistol practical shooting).
Today the teams have to comlete recce task, which is the most important task during the challenge.