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Voluntary units join in Kevadtorm

Defence League members joined in the exercise Kevadtorm today, over 1000 combatants from the Northern territorial command are being formed in the morning and will be moving to the Defence Forces central training area by evening.
In the words of the Commander of the Northern territorial Command, Lieutenant Colonel Toomas Väli, the battle group has been steadfastly preparing since 2014 to participate in this year’s exercise Kevadtorm. There has been much training and regardless of a small lack of equipment – the will is great – during the week, the Tallinn, Harju and Rapla Defence League members as well as the Women’s voluntary organization „Naiskodukaitse“ units will be showing the prepardeness and effectiveness of the Defence League against the 2. Infantry Brigade as well as against our allies. Many thanks to all of the volunteers that have done all during the last few years to ensure that the battlegroup could participate in the exercise starting 14. May,“ stated Lieutenant Colonel Väli.
Under the 1. Infantry Brigade battlegroup, the Northern territorial Command consists of the Tallinn, Harju and Rapla sections. The brigade will be be participating in the joint exercise on the 15th to 17th of May in the Sonda and Kiviõli area and at the Defence Forces Central Training area as of the 19th to the 20th of May. The HQ Staff of the Northern and Northwestern territorial commands will also be participating in Kevadtorm. The exercise will end on the 21st of May for the Defence League.
The deploying companies will be will be moving from Tallinn and Rapla toward the Defence Forces Central training area along the Piibe highway on Sunday 14.05.17. The Defence League asks for the indulgence of the civilian drivers and promises to keep traffic jams to a minimum.
Kevadtorm has over 9000 participants including Defence Forces members, reservists and Defence League members as well as allied and partner country soldiers. In addition to Estonians and the British, French, Danish and American forces based at the Tapa military base there are also participating military personnel from Canada, Germany, Holland, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Georgia. You will also be able to see USA, Polish, Belgian and Spanish planes in the skies over the exercise site in Estonia.

The final parade review will be held on the 25th of May at the Defence Forces Central Training Area. The exercise ends on the 26th of May.