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APRC16 registered teams in starting order

  1. Poland (2nd Reconnaissence Regment)
  2. Sweden
  3. EDL District of Valgamaa
  4. Finland II (Rikama Marine Recon Platoon)
  5. USA (Maryland National Guard)
  6. EDL District of Pärnumaa I
  7. Scouts Battalion II
  8. EDL District of Järva
  9. EDL District of Tartu
  10. Scouts Battalion I
  11. Spain
  12. EDL District of Pärnumaa II
  13. Danish Homeguard Team HDNSJ
  14. United Kingdom 2YORKS
  15. EDL District of Harju
  16. Polish Armed Forces
  17. Finland I (Stadi Rangers)
  18. Danish Homeguard Team HDKVE
  19. Prison service
  20. Pioneer Battalion
  21. EDL District of Tallinn, Kalevi subunit
  22. Women`s voluntary defence organization
  23. Prison service / Police and Border Guard Board
  24. EDL District of Tallinn, Põhja subunit
  25. Lithuania
  26. UK 7Rifles