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APRC17 Competitors’ Mandatory Equipment

1. Competitors’ Mandatory Personal Equipment
  • military issue battle dress uniform and combat boots
  • backpack and webbing
  • personal first aid kit and whistle
  • combat knife
  • flashlight or headlamp
  • water bottle or other water container (such as CamelBak)
  • standard issue automatic or semi-automatic rifle and 2 magazines
  • 24 live rounds for automatic rifle
  • at least two magazines with blank rounds along with blank firing attachment (flash eliminator)
  • service pistol (9mm) and 2 magazines
  • 16 live rounds for service pistol
  • safety rope (15m, 400 kg capacity) and two carbine rope hooks
  • protection glasses for shooting
  • food for four days
  • fire starting tools
  • compass

2. Competition  Mandatory Team Equipment
  • Field Radio (issued during team registration and administration process)
  • Flare gun with 3 red flares (may also be pens flare launcher)
  • 2 GPS devices
  • Permanent marker set (for map marking)
  • GPS tracking device (issued during team registration and administration process)
  • The competition topographic map (issued during team registration and administration process)
  • Team number (issued during team registration and administration process)
  • Digital camera

3. Other Important Information
  • There is no limit to the weight and amount of personal equipment
  • Teams may carry additional items and equipment, if desired. This will be checked prior to the competition. If the items are not consumables (e.g. food, water), then the same items and equipment must be carried by the competitors throughout the competition to the finish line. Equipment marked at the start by the referees.
  • Teams are allowed to use cell phones in emergency situations.
  • Teams are allowed to use night vision devices.
  • After drawing for starting sequence positions, each team will be issued a race number. This race number must be affixed to all pieces of carried equipment including clothing and meal packs. The existence of all numbered items will be checked during all equipment inspections. The number is necessary to identify or ascertain lost or misplaced items.