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​Defence League’s exercise SIBUL 2019 takes place in Valga County this year

SIBUL 2017
Photo: Eveliis Padar
Exercise SIBUL 2019 of the Southern Territorial Defence Region takes place in Valga City and rural municipality from 13-15 September. Participants in the exercise are the Southern Estonian Defence League districts.
Exercise SIBUL sums up what has been learned during the year in the Southern Estonian Defence League districts. As this year the Territorial Defence Region concentrated on warfare in built-up areas, the majority of the exercise takes place in Valga City.
According to the exercise scenario, the vital spots of Valga City have been occupied by the units of an unfriendly state and the task of the Defence League units is to clear the area of the enemy.
The active part of the exercise begins in the morning of Saturday the 14th of September on the roads heading to Valga City in the area of Hummuli, Jõgeveste, Kaagjärve, Laatre, Tsirguliina and Sooru.
In the course of the exercise the opposing teams attempt to prevent the arrival of units and ambushes are organised on the roads. Due to the aforesaid there may be temporary traffic standstills on the specified roads and therefore the Defence League asks the drivers to be careful and follow the instructions of traffic controllers. 
Lieutenant Colonel Kaido Tiitus, Commander of the Defence League Tartu district, acting as the Commander of the Southern Territorial Defence Region, said that SIBUL is the most important exercise of the year for the members of the Southern Estonian Defence League districts.
„SIBUL is an examination of what has been learned during the year and therefore we are extremely grateful to the citizens of Valga rural municipality and the local government for the opportunity to organise it in Valga,“ said Lieutenant Colonel Tiitus.
The members of the Defence League participating in the exercise carry service weapons and imitation equipment (blank cartridges and explosive cartridges) are used in the training battles that take place in the course of the exercise.
Southern Territorial Defence Region’s exercise SIBUL is the traditional joint exercise of the Southern Estonian Defence League districts.  SIBUL (onion) has been chosen as the name of the exercise because it symbolizes the Defence League – it is multi-layered like an onion.