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EDL historical collection

The Estonian Defence League historical collection was established on 21 May 1998, the head of the collection at the time was Olavi Punga, and until today the heart and soul of the collection has been Tanel Lään.

Tanel Lään has compiled exhibitions about the founder of the Estonian Defence League Admiral Johan Pitka, the first Commander of the Estonian Defence League, General Ernst Põdder, the War of Independence, and Commander of the National Defence League Major Benno Leesik, Captain Tõnu Piip, service of military servicemen of Estpla-10 in Iraq, service of members of the Estonian Defence League in territorial defence and peacekeeping missions. In April 2009, the museum opened an exhibition “Symbols of the Estonian Defence League 1925-1940” and in July exhibitions “Arms in the 19th Century” and “World War I”.

As of 01 April 2009, the museum’s collection includes a total of 10,034 preserved archival documents.

Further information from Tanel Lään at the e-mail address