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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the EDL CU relate to other government agencies responsible for cyber security?

- The EDL CU, as an organisation consolidating volunteer cyber security specialists, supports the objectives of the national “Cyber security Strategy” in the following three fields:
a) the raising of society’s awareness regarding cyber threats
b) the sharing of knowledge among IT specialists in the field of information security
c) participation in the crises management with protecting critical infrastructure

- Relations with Estonia’s CERT: Estonia’s CERT is aware and supports activities of the EDL CU; in a crisis situation the EDL CU is working closely with Estonia’s CERT, Ministry of Internal Affairs and other civil structures.

2. What is the relationship with the Estonian Defence League?

- The Cyber Unit is a separate unit of the National Defence League, which operates on the basis of the statutes of the Estonian Defence League.

3. What are the EDL CU’s tasks and main form of operation?

- The EDL CU’s tasks are to distribute cyber security related knowledge, and to strengthen the cooperation between already existing information security specialists in public and private sector.

4. What is the EDL CU’s legal status?

- The EDL CU is a subordinate organisation of the Estonian Defence League, which directs its activities according to the laws of the Republic of Estonia, the statues of the Estonian Defence League and its operating principles.

5. Who can join?

- Generally, people with knowledge in the field of information security are allowed to join. Each EDL CU member must have two references that vouch for the individual’s suitability. CU members are not required, without exception, to possess technical knowledge and skills, but may also be representatives of other professions related to the field of cyber security.

6. What is the procedure for joining?

- Firstly, an application for membership must be submitted to the Estonian Defence League, after which two references must be submitted in order to join the Cyber Unit.

7. What actions are taken during a dangerous situation?

- In the same manner that the Estonian Defence League is operating during a crisis situation in order to help and support society, the Cyber Unit is operating to support civil structures and critical infrastructure (based on the Emergency Preparedness Act adopted in 2009 in the Riigikogu)

8. Financing?

- The main activities of the Cyber Unit are financed by the Estonian Defence League. Private companies have also provided support in the form of supplies, with the main resource being the time and dedication of volunteers.

9. Who makes sure that no one in the EDL Cyber Unit is taking part in cyber attacks?

- In the same way that the Estonian Defence League deals in peace time with the strengthening of training and preparedness, the Cyber Unit deals with the expanding of the information security knowledge base. The Cyber Unit has internal control procedures, which ensure the behaviour of all members is in accordance with legislation.

10. Who develops the regulations?

- The Estonian Defence League in conjunction with the Cyber Unit prepares a code of conduct, under which the Cyber Unit operates.

11. What are the attributes, insignia of the EDL CU?

- The Cyber Defence League has its own emblem, which can be viewed on the homepage.

12. Relationship with the Defence Forces?

- The CU relates to the Defence Forces in the same way that it does to the Estonian Defence League – during peacetime they deal with the expansion of cyber security related knowledge and skills, and during a crisis situation they fulfil the tasks prescribed by the government.

13. Is the EDL CU an open organisation or an elite undertaking?

- The Cyber Unit has a nucleus, which is comprised of highly qualified professionals and trained specialists, who share their knowledge extensively by organising trainings, information days and other significant events for increasing wider competence in information security.

14. Do the members of the Cyber Unit undergo a security check?

- EDL CU members are required to undergo a background check, which excludes people with bad intentions from joining the organisation.