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Frequently asked questions

Where does the competition take place?
Each year, the competition takes place in a different Estonian county.

How long is the track?
Total distance of the route varies slightly. The length of the track is approximately 100-120 km long. However, the necessity to move tactically in the terrain increases the total distance at least by 20 kilometers.

How does the terrain look like?
Competition route may pass through wetlands that include swamps, marshes and bogs. The traversing of this terrain will be slow and require caution. In addition, competitors have to cross bodies of water and pass through very dense woods.

What to keep in mind while moving on the track?
Competitors will not be required to pass through the route completely under “real reconnaissance mission conditions” because they have to adhere strict time schedule while, yet, not to be discovered by the opposing forces.

What are the tasks at the checkpoints?
The tasks at the checkpoints will be conventional: handgun and automatic rifle shooting, medical tasks, explosives (possibly), communications, OPFOR and/or NATO weapons and equipment identification, obstacle course, etc. There will also be some surprises.

What kind of supplies will be provided during the competition?
Competitors will be provided clean bottled water by the competition staff at every checkpoint.
Contestants must carry all other supplies (e.g. compulsory equipment and food) with them for the entire period.

Who provides transport to the competition location?
Competition organizers will not be responsible for the transport needs of individual teams. Teams will arrive to the competition location with their own transportation and equipment. Teams that have made arrangements for hotel accommodation in Tallinn will be financially responsible for the costs.

How is medical care provided?
Medical care is provided at the competition base camp in the form of an Estonian Defence Forces mobile field hospital. Medical aid and SAR (search and rescue) teams are positioned along the track.