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The future leaders of the Defence League units take their final examination

Kotkalend 2017
Photo: Asso Puidet
The final exercise „Kotkalend 2019“ of the Estonian Defence League School taking place in Rapla County in the areas of Märjamaa and Rapla rural municipality from 9-13 October sums up the academic year of the Estonian Defence League School’s qualification courses.
The exercise commander is Lieutenant Colonel Alari Saega, the commander of the Estonian Defence League School. „Well-trained units of the Defence League are in the interest of all Estonians. The national defence capability concerns each and every one of us  - it is important to ensure the national defence capability which creates a secure environment for the population as well as entrepreneurship,“ explained Lieutenant Colonel Saega the significance of the exercise.
The students of the Estonian Defence League School graduating from the field of study of command and control participate in the exercise together with the units. In the culmination phase of the exercise on 12 and 13 October up to 500 combatants from the Defence League and the Defence Forces practice in the areas of Varbola, Põlli and Ohukotsu.
„Kotkalend“ is the integrated exercise of different courses of the Defence League school and it is conducted already for the eighth year. The aim of the exercise is to give a possibly comprehensive picture to the future subunit commanders about their role upon the command of their subunit by creating possibly realistic conditions therefor. The students are also evaluated in the course of the exercise.
„Kotkalend 2019“ can be successfully conducted thanks to the compliance and support of local government leaders and regular people.  The Defence League ensures the maintenance of the exercise area. The vehicles of the Defence League and the Defence Forces drive on the main roads and only on the roads and rides prescribed therefor. Passenger cars, trucks and armoured transporters drive on the roads.
Blank cartridges and imitation devices are used in the exercise from 12-13 October in the area between Varbola – Ohukotsu in Rapla County. Noise is avoided at night from 22.00-6.00.
The roads are not blocked for civil vehicles, however, because of the soldiers participating in the exercise are moving on the roads, the Defence League asks to be very careful when driving in Rapla County in the area of Varbola, Põlli and Ohukotsu on Saturday 12 October and on Sunday 13 October and reduce speed when necessary.
With the approval of the air forces it is prohibited to fly civil drones in the exercise area starting from the night of 11 October until the afternoon of 13 October.
The final formal formation of Kotkalend takes place at Varbola fortress on Sunday, 13 October at 14.00. Battle machines can be seen in the parking lot of the fortress. Everyone interested is welcome. 
The Defence League is counting on people’s understanding during the exercise.
The Estonian Defence League School is the internal training centre of the Defence League, located in Alu manor in Rapla County and the principal task of which is the training of voluntary commanders and instructors of the organisation.