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​The winner of the Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge is the Estonian Defence League District of Pärnumaa team one

The winners
Photo: Karri Kaas
The winner of the International military sports competition, the Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge, which ended today in Valga, is the Estonian Defence League (EDL) District of Pärnumaa team one.  The Headquarters of Estonian Defence Forces team finished in second place and EDL District of Pärnumaa team two came in third.
The best non-Estonian team Rikama from Finland finished in fourth place.

In total, twenty-seven teams finished the Admiral Pitka competition out of the initial twenty-eight that started. Representatives of the national defence organisations of Estonia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Great Britain, Denmark and the USA measured each other up throughout the competition.
From the 6th of August to the 9th of August, during the Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge, considered to be one the world’s toughest military sports competitions, the four-member teams had to traverse ninety kilometres as the crow flies covertly from checkpoint.
The Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge is an international military sports competition that takes place every year in a different region of Estonia in order to reduce the home field advantage of Estonian teams. The purpose of the competition is to measure the participants' level of training, weaponry / equipment and definitely also morale under conditions that are as close to reality as possible.
The Competition Chief Director is Colonel Riho Ühtegi, Commander of the EDL and the Chief Umpire is Finnish Reserve Officer, Captain Tomi Haimelin.  The main organiser of the competition is the Estonian Defence League (EDL) in cooperation with the Estonian Defence Forces, Erna Society and other organizations who are also involved in the preparation and conduct of the event.

The final results of Admiral Pitka recom Challenge