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Warning of African swine fever

There have recently been confirmed cases of African swine fever in two neighbouring counties of Võrumaa.

African swine fever is an extremely contagious and lethal viral disease which infects both wild boars and domestic pigs. It is characterised by fever, haemorrhage, inflammatory lesions in various organs, and a high mortality rate (up to 100% of infected animals).

The virus does not infect other animal species or humans, but they may transmit the virus. There is no cure or vaccine for African swine fever.

The virus is spread by direct contact with an afflicted animal or its bodily fluids. Pigs may also contract the disease indirectly – for example by eating animal feed or food scraps containing the flesh of infected animals, by eating feed otherwise contaminated, by drinking contaminated water, or by coming in contact with contaminated vehicles, farm equipment or clothing.

African swine fever and classical swine fever pose no threat to humans. Swine fever is only contracted by pigs of the domestic or wild variety. Humans may, however, act as transmitters of the virus.

If the remains of a dead boar or pig are found, they must not be touched. The coordinates of the finding must be determined and transmitted to the Challenge Staff.

After the Challenge, everyone must remove their boots and clothes and disinfect them as soon as possible. Warm water and soap are sufficient for disinfection.

Under no circumstances should anyone enter a pig farm wearing non-disinfected footwear or clothing worn during the Challenge.