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Women`s Voluntary Defence Organization

The Naiskodukaitse  (Women`s voluntary defence organization) is a women's organization in which every woman can find an educational or challenging experience. Every member receives basic training, chooses additional courses based on her choice of specialty, and can participate in sports and take part in military activities and different social events. The members’ training and organizational activity aims to assist the Kaitseliit (Defence League), so each member can play a part in developing national defence and making society better in general. The basic training includes an organizational introduction, medical training, field catering, and basic military training.

The tasks of the Naiskodukaitse
  • To assist the Defence League in defending the independence of Estonia and its constitutional order, to ensure the safety of its citizens.
  • To spread patriotic views and deepen national feelings among the Estonian people.
  • To help cultivate the people's will to defend.
  • To train its members in their specialty fields and develop their ability to manage emergency situations.
  • To increase women's activity in society and value their role as members of society.
  • To offer its members and other people opportunities and training to increase the everyday safety of the people and to value an environmentally friendly lifestyle.
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